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Paniai Berdarah - Bloody Paniai

Boy Rafli Amar, was the Chief of Police in Papua when the Paniai Massacre took place on 8 December 2014.

Boy Rafli Amar is the current head of the Indonesian National Terrorism Agency. During his career he has worked closely with the Australian Federal Police at JCLEC and with other foreign governments who support training at JCLEC. In 2019 he opened an official JCLEC training program, briefed a range of foreign ambassadors of states that fund JCLEC and worked closely with Tito Karnavian on JCLEC police training programs. Karnavian is the current Minister of Internal Affairs, former Chief of Police, and founding commander of police counter terrorism unit D88, a police unit set up by the Australian and US Governments that has been responsible for the extra-judicial killings of civil resistance activists from KNPB and other pro-independence groups in West Papua. 

Under Boy Rafli Amar's command mobile paramilitary troops (BRIMOB) killed 27 Year old Yulianus Pigain in Oneibo village in Deiyai District on 1 August 2017. 

Boy Rafli Amar

During the shooting ten other Papuans were seriously wounded by Indonesian BRIMOB Police. Rafli Amar simply told his officers to apologise to the victims’ families. Rafli Amar helped lead joint TNI-POLRI (Indonesian police and military) operations in Nduga in July 2018. In May 2020 he was appointed head of Indonesia's counter-terrorism agency Kepala Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme. In 2021 Rafli Amar succeeded in categorising West Papua's independence forces, the Tentara Pembebasan Nasional Papua Barat (formerly OPM) as a terrorist group. Boy Rafli Amar was instrumental in setting up the multi-agency Satgas Nemangkawi (Nemangkawi Task Force), the counter-terrorism force that arrested KNPB International spokesperson Victor Yeimo.