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Solidarity Action

 Here you will find many of the companies making a profit from the Indonesian occupation. Use this site to explore how the governments and corporations of your own nations are enabling the Indonesian military occupation of West Papua, expose those connections and take solidarity action from there. Ending the training of Indonesian special forces and banning arms exports to Indonesia is a powerful way to support peace in Papua.

International military and police training and joint exercises contribute to a culture of impunity for the occupying forces in West Papua. Soldiers and police grow more confident that they will not be held accountable by the international community any more than they are in Indonesia itself.

The accelerating rate of weapons sales to Indonesia, where the defense budget has tripled in five years, is of grave concern to people in Papua and many other Indonesian-controlled territories. These pages give you all the information you need to take action for peace in West Papua. If you have information about weapons exports to West Papua to add to this site, please email us here.

Queenscliff_-_Matt_Hrkac_24.jpgBlocking the gates of the Australian Defence Force 'SAS' facility, where Kopassus trains

Top 12 countries supplying weapons to the Indonesian military 2009-2019