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Indonesia's armed forces have occupied West Papua since the UN handed control of the territory to Indonesia in 1959. TNI (the army) and POLRI (the police) work in 'synergy' to surveil and punish West Papuan independence supporters. Most reports of human rights abuses in West Papua, including extrajudicial killings, are attributed jointly to 'TNI-POLRI'. Both branches of Indonesia's security forces receive weapons and training from nations including Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, the Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, the UK and the USA.



BriMob platoon on patrol in West Papua, with Kalashnikov and RPD guns from Russian BriMob, or Mobile Brigade, is the Indonesian riot police. This force is the one most commonly deployed to...
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Detachment 88

D88 forces in training Detachment 88 (D88) is the counter-terrorist unit of the Indonesian police (POLRI). D88 was set up in conjunction with Australian Federal Police & counter-terror police from UK &...
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  POLRI is present wherever there is resistance to Indonesian rule POLRI, Polisi Republik Indonesia, is a heavily armed police force that includes specialist anti riot unit BriMob and counter-terror unit Detachment...
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Denjaka, a naval special operations unit, is trained for coastal attacks. Denjaka (Detasemen Jala Mangkara) is a counter-terrorism special operations unit of the Indonesian Navy. It is a combined detachment formed from selected personnel of the Navy's frogmen unit...
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Intel denotes intelligence operatives. Mass arrests during the 2019 uprising in West Papua were carried out by a combination of police, special forces and plain clothes intelligence operatives. 'Intel' are among the most...
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Kopasgat troops boarding a Lockheed Martin C130 troop transporter, on their way to West Papua Kopasgat ( Komando Pasukan Gerak Cepat) is the air force infantry and special forces corps of the Indonesian Air Force. Kopasgat commandos were...
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Kopaska was officially established on the 31st of March 1962 by President Sukarno to help his campaign Operation Trikora, aka the invasion of West Papua. The type of equipment and weapons used...
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Kopassus arriving in Wamena, West Papua Kopassus (Komando Pasukan Khusus, Special Forces Command) is an Indonesian Army (TNI-AD) special forces group that conducts special operations missions for the Indonesian government, such as direct action, unconventional warfare, sabotage, counter-insurgency, counter-terrorism, intelligence gathering and special reconnaissance. Kopassus was founded on...
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Kostrad troops boarding Lockheed Martin C130 aircraft in February 2021, bound for Intan Jaya West Papua. Kostrad was established during Indonesia's military take over of West Papua in 1960 and was formally...
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Korps Marinir or Marine Corps is the special forces unit of the Indonesian navy. As with other Indonesian special forces, Marinir troops carry a range of imported weapons, including the M4 from...
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Border patrols try to control the flow of people and resources between the divided halves of Papua. TNI-AD, or Tentara Nasional Indonesia - Angkatan Darat, is the land forces branch of the...
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Two battalions of Yonif Raider commandos depart for West Papua, 2020 TNI-AL is the Indonesian navy, equipped with submarines, frigates, attack vessels, missiles and an aerial fleet. TNI-AL (Tentara Nasional Indonesia -...
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The Indonesian Air Force (Tentara Nasional Indonesia Angkatan Udara or TNI-AU) is the aerial branch of the Indonesian National Armed Forces. TNI-AU has a base on the West Papuan island of Biak, including a detachment of its ground force...
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Yonif Raiders

Yonif Raiders 753 in West Papua Yonif Raiders, or Batalyon Infanteri, are permanently stationed in West Papua to patrol conflict zones and the border. Yonif Raiders are 'elite' commando troops, organised and...
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