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Detachment 88

D88 forces in training

Detachment 88 (D88) is the counter-terrorist unit of the Indonesian police (POLRI). D88 was set up in conjunction with Australian Federal Police & counter-terror police from UK & United States in 2006. D88 is armed to the teeth with imported weapons such as K7, HK 416, M4, AK101, Stey-Aug rifles and machine guns, with Glock pistols and Belgian grenade launchers. D88 has been deployed as a 'hit squad' against individual independence activists in West Papua on at least three occasions, resulting in their deaths. The 2021 Indonesian government designation of West Papua's resistance movement as 'terrorist' opens the door for further deployment of D88 hit squads to target activists in the territory.

D88 in training


Funeral of Mako Tabuni, former Vice Chairman of the West Papuan National Committee. Tabuni was shot dead in the street by agents in plain clothes, likely to be either military intelligence or D88 police.


Promoter APC




The Promoter is the upgrade to the Tambora, with the capacity for up to 12 passengers.




Sig Sauer MPX submachine gun

The Sig Sauer MPX is a 9x19mm submachine gun introduced in 2015. Indonesian media sources indicate that this weapon is in use by Detachment-88 BriMob and TNI special forces Kopassus and Kopaska.


Member of Taskforce Nemangkawi with Sig Sauer MPX, in West Papua in 2021

MP5 submachine gun



Media reports confirm that Detachment-88 are armed with MP5 submachine guns. The weapon is also listed on the SALW guide on Small Arms and Light Weapons as being present in Indonesia, and members of Detachment-88 have been photographed carrying weapons that appear to be MP5 weapons in training.


A TNI soldier with an HK MP5 machine gun