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There is no end to the harm that weapons do.

From deforestation and the poisoning of lands and waterways to the carbon emitted and materials consumed in their manufacture, weapons destroy ecosystems and contribute hugely to global heating. The expenditure of public funds on weapons impoverishes other portfolios, reducing the budgets for health, education, housing and earth repair.  Funerals are the most obvious sign of the impact of foreign military exports to Indonesia. West Papuans grow tired of burying people who were caught in crossfire, mistaken as combatants, left behind in conflict zones, went to a demonstration or otherwise drew the fatal attention of TNI-POLRI troops. 


Foreign nations are complicit in the war on West Papua.

Human rights violations involving foreign weapons

Militarism drives dispossession and extractivism.

The Freeport (now Grasberg) gold mine was the beginning of industrial scale extractivism in West Papua. A new gold mine, Blok B Wabu, is under development while whole swathes of pristine rainforest are being felled for logging and palm oil corporations. Indigenous Papuans resisting the destruction of their land and culture are met with military and police repression, from mass arrests through to extrajudicial killing and disappearances.