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Kopaska was officially established on the 31st of March 1962 by President Sukarno to help his campaign Operation Trikora, aka the invasion of West Papua.

The type of equipment and weapons used by Kopaska are common in Indonesia and world special force societies, including:


Galil Galatz

The Galil Galatz is the favoured sniper rifle of Kostrad, the Indonesian Army Strategic Reserves Command, and is made by Israeli Weapon Industries (formerly the state-owned IMI – Israeli Military Industries).The Galatz is also used by the Indonesian Navy's Kopaska (Frog Troop Command) and the Indonesian Army's Kopassus (Special Forces Command).

Kostrad soldier with a Galil Galatz sniper rifle

Kostrad platoon with Galil Galatz rifles

Sig Sauer P226 pistol

The United State’s 2008 report to the UN’s Register of Conventional Arms lists 326 Sig Sauer P226 pistols which were originally from Switzerland before being shipped to Indonesia. These weapons are used by the three 'special forces' units, Kopassus, Kopaska and Kopasgat. All three special forces units have been deployed to West Papua since invasion.

SIG SG550 assault rifle



The SIG SG550 is an assault rifle with a number of variations. It is listed on the SALW guide as being present in Indonesia, with some sources indicating it is used by special forces groups such as Kopassus and Kopaska.

Škorpion vz. 61

The Škorpion is a machine pistol originally developed in 1959. It is listed on the SALW guide as being present in Indonesia, and some unconfirmed reports indicate it is used by Indonesian special forces units such as KOPASSUS and KOPASKA.

F16C multirole aircraft



F-16C Fighter

The F-16C is a single-engine multirole fighter aircraft developed for the US airforce by General Dynamics, who sold the manufacturing arm to Lockheed Martin in 1993. The plane carries a Vulcan 20mm cannon and 11 places for missiles and other equipment. Indonesia ordered 24 in 2012 as military aid, upgraded to block-52 version (manufactured by General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin). Pictured above is an Indonesian Airforce F-16 at an RAAF base in Australia. TNI-AL, the Indonesian Airforce, now has a total of 34 of these multi-million dollar weapons. Below, the same fighter jet (with a different registration) lands in West Papua.


F-16C Fighter in West Papua





The P226 and P228 are variations of the same handgun, used by Indonesian special forces groups such as KOPASSUS and KOPASKA. The United State’s 2008 report to the UN’s Register of Conventional Arms lists 326 Sig Sauer P226 pistols which were originally from the Swiss Sig Sauer branch before being shipped to Indonesia. 

FN High Power

The FN High Power is a semi-automatic handgun designed by American arms manufacturer Browning, and finished by FN Herstal. It is one of the most commonly used military pistols in the world and is the standard issue sidearm for the Indonesian armed forces, including special forces group Kopassus and Kopaska. It is also produced under license by Indonesian arms manufacturer Pindad PT as the P1.




Sig Sauer MPX submachine gun

The Sig Sauer MPX is a 9x19mm submachine gun introduced in 2015. Indonesian media sources indicate that this weapon is in use by Detachment-88 BriMob and TNI special forces Kopassus and Kopaska.


Member of Taskforce Nemangkawi with Sig Sauer MPX, in West Papua in 2021



HK_416_TNI.pngThe HK416 is used by Indonesian Special Forces, such as Kopaska.

HK_416_-_Germany.jpgKopaska soldier with HK416 in West Papua





The HK33 is listed on the SALW guide on Small Arms and Light Weapons as being present in Indonesia. The weapons were sold to Indonesia's armed forces over decades until Heckler and Koch changed their policy in 2017.