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Korps Marinir or Marine Corps is the special forces unit of the Indonesian navy. As with other Indonesian special forces, Marinir troops carry a range of imported weapons, including the M4 from the US, the FN Minimi from Belgium and the AK101 from Russia. There is a Marine Corps base in Sorong, West Papua, which serves as the operational command for marines across the region. A Marine Corps post in Nduga was attacked in April 2022, resulting in the death of one soldier. Airbus Caracal helicopters are know to be used by the Marine Corps.


H225M Multirole Heavy Lift Troop Transporting Helicopter 

Airbus H225M troop transporter

Indonesia has bought a total of 28 of H225M Multirole Helicopters from Airbus at a cost of $30 million per piece. The most recent order was in 2019. This is a ‘long range, tactical, heavy lift’ helicopter that can carry 28 passengers and crew.  These helicopters carry troops from major military bases into areas where West Papuan resistance is active, for instance into the highlands or, pictured here, to the island of Biak. The H225M is used by TNI AD and TNI AL special forces.

A helicopter that appears visually similar was photographed being used as part of an evacuation of civilians following conflict between militia groups and the Indonesian military in Kiwirok in September 2021.