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Yonif Raiders

Yonif Raiders 753 in West Papua

Yonif Raiders, or Batalyon Infanteri, are permanently stationed in West Papua to patrol conflict zones and the border. Yonif Raiders are 'elite' commando troops, organised and equipped for 'counter-insurgency' operations, 'anti-terror' and 'non-conventional' threats. This Indonesian commando battalion was founded in 1953 and took an active role in the killing of an estimated 1 million people during the Suharto coup and massacre of 'communists' in 1965/6. The original commander of Yonif was Johny Lumintang, who held military command positions in occupied East Timor and also West Papua.  Yonif Raider corps have conducted 'sweeping' operations in West Papua since 1970 in Biak, Wamena, Timika, Fak-Fak, Tembaga Pura, Jayapura, Paniai and Puncak Jaya among other places. There are eight battalions permanently based in West Papua, with other Yonif battalions regularly rotating in. Yonif Raiders carry sniper rifles and heavy duty machine guns from Korea, Germany, Russia, Belgium and the US.

Yonif Raider battalions 400 and 515 arriving in Timika, West Papua, 2021

A Yonif Raider 753, based in Nabire, with a Daewoo K3 machine gun made in Korea.


Cardom Mekatronik


Ares-Elbit Mekatroic Mortar

The Cardom Mekatronic Mortar features ‘forward observer (FO) target acquisition sensors’ that can fire 16 mortars per minute with a range of up to 7km.Elbit's Brazilian subsidiary, Ares, makes and sells this weapon to TNI's Mechanics Battalions.


The G28 is a semi automatic sniper rifle. Despite the Heckler and Koch ban on sales to conflict zones, including Indonesia, an article published in 2020 hails the G28 as the 'newest rifle' of Indonesia's special forces. 

'Elite' soldier with an HK G28 in 2020


TNI training with HK G28


rh_l44.jpgThe L44 120mm tank guns are designed to go with Rheinmetall's Leopard tanks. Most countries operating Rheinmetall tanks also buy Rheinmetall tank guns and munitions. Indonesia is no exception to this rule. Indonesian government owned manufacturer PT Pindad has produced munitions for Rheinmetall combat vehicles under license since 2014.


Leopard tanks with L44 guns sold by Rheinmetall


A Pindad SS2, a locally produced rifle based on the design of the FN FNC.

The FN FNC is a rifle, designed in the 1970s as a cheaper alternative to the M16 rifle. Indonesia purchased 10,000 FNC’s in 1982. Indonesia purchased the license in 1984 and began production in 1991. It is now produced under license by Pindad PT as the Pindad SS1 and SS2, and used as the standard assault rifle by the Indonesian armed forces and police.


The FN MINIMI is a light machine gun used by over 35 countries ,and is the standard issue light machine gun used by the Indonesian armed forces. It is produced under license by Pindad PT as the Pindad SM-2.

Kopassus with FN Minimi on patrol in West Papua