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Denjaka, a naval special operations unit, is trained for coastal attacks.

Denjaka (Detasemen Jala Mangkara) is a counter-terrorism special operations unit of the Indonesian Navy. It is a combined detachment formed from selected personnel of the Navy's frogmen unit (KOPASKA) and the Marine CorpsAmphibious Reconnaissance Battalion (Yontaifib). Denjaka troops are deployed on anti-terrorism, anti-sabotage and other clandestine operations, maritime counter-terrorism, counter-sabotage and other 'special operations', as directed by the chief of the armed forces. Denjaka was deployed in East Timor and Aceh after its formation in 1984 by then military commander Benny Moerdani, one of the architects of the invasion of East Timor. In May 2021, after the Indonesian parliament passed a bill declaring the West Papuan resistance to be 'terrorist', Denjaka units were landed in West Papua, to 'wipe out' the resistance.


Denjaka units were landed in West Papua in May 2021


G36k assault rifle



Media reports confirm that Indonesian security or military personnel are in possession of H&K G36k assault rifles. TNI units carrying HK G36 weapons in West Papua include Yonif Raider and Kostrad battalions.

HKG36_Kopassus_Germany.jpgKopassus troops with HK G36 guns


Denjaka special forces with HK36 weapons were deployed to West Papua in May 2021