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Intel denotes intelligence operatives. Mass arrests during the 2019 uprising in West Papua were carried out by a combination of police, special forces and plain clothes intelligence operatives. 'Intel' are among the most feared of Indonesia's security forces. There are two major 'intel' agencies, both of them active in West Papua. The military arm is the Badan Intelijen Strategis Tentara Nasional Indonesia (shortened as BAIS TNI), the Indonesian National Armed Forces Strategic Intelligence Agency. BAIS sits inside the structure of TNI. BAIS oversees defence attachés in foreign embassies, as well as mounting surveillance and 'counter-insurgency' operations in Indonesia. BIN (Badan Intelijen Negara/State Intelligence Agency) is Indonesia's main 'spy'' agency, coordinating intelligence activities at home and abroad. BIN (then BAKIN) oversaw the infamous 'Act of Free Choice' held in 1969 in West Papua, when 1025 Papuans were selected to vote for Indonesian control. 

Many of the perpetrators of extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests and other human rights violations in West Papua are agents in plain clothes, with no names, insignia or unit tags. It is commonly supposed in West Papua, as it was in East Timor, that these plain clothes operatives are 'intel' or military intelligence. BIN and BAIS activities and weaponry are kept secret, however photos show plain clothes operatives using Sig-Sauer and Glock pistols, M4 Carbines, HK 416 machine guns and other imported weapons.

Intel agents can be found wherever there are mass arrests, targeted extrajudicial killings, protest activities and large extractivist projects.














The Uzi submachine gun has been exported to over 90 countries. Over its service lifetime, it has been manufactured by Israel Military Industries, FN Herstal, and other manufacturers. From the 1960s through to the 1980s, more Uzi submachine guns were sold to military, law enforcement and security markets than any other submachine gun ever made.

Uzi's presence in Indonesia began with intelligence activities. Indonesia's nascent spy agency BAKIN was supported by Mossad (the Israeli Secret Service) which sent its instructors to Indonesia in 1968. This relationship has continued, not only with Mossad, but with the United States Intelligence Agency (CIA). In 1980, the CIA conducted five sessions of counter-terrorism training and VIP protection in Indonesia. To support Indonesia, the CIA connected the Indonesian Army and BAKIN with a US weapons factory located in Philadelphia. Uzis for Indonesia are sourced here, from factories licensed by IMI to sell Uzis in the United States.

Mossad and CIA instructors continue to support Indonesian intelligence agencies along with 'anti-terror' police unit D88, running training exercises at Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation.

uzi_2nd_from_right.jpgThe soldier second from right holds an Uzi

81mm M72 HE Mortar



Images of a Krusik 81mm M72 HE Mortar were shared by BBC Indonesia in November 2021. The images were taken by members of the West Papuan National Liberation Army (TPNPB) militia group in Kiwirok, and a commander of the Indonesian Cenderawasih Military Command, Major General Ignatius Yogo Triyono, confirmed that his troops had fired mortar rounds at Kiwirok. Investigations conducted by Conflict Arms Research into 4 bombing incidents using Krusik Mortars revealed that the declared end user of the munitions was the Indonesian State Intelligence Agency.

The Krusik 81mm M72 HE has a range of 4.9km and a "killing range" radius of 14m. The BBC report indicates that this high explosive weapon is used during combat in forest areas where it is difficult to know exactly where the target is.papua, diamond jaya, star mountains, kiwirok

Beretta 92/ 92 F



This 9mm pistol is used by the Kopassus special forces unit and by Intel operatives. The weapon is also produced under license by Pindad.