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Pandur II

A Czech Pandur II vehicle

The Pandur II is an 8-wheeled military vehicle which comes in a range of variants. It was designed by Austria company in Austria Steyr-Daimler-Puch Spezialfahrzeuge (itself a part of General Dynamics European Land Combat Systems). The rights to manufacture the trucks for the Eastern Europe and Asia markets were sold to Excalibur Army, a member of the Czechoslovak Group, in 2015.

A number of orders for Pandur II vehicles have been made by Indonesia. In 2016 the Indonesian government ordered an undisclosed number of Pandur II vehicles as part of a $39m deal. In 2019 the Indonesian Ministry of Defence signed a $80m contract for the manufacture 22 Pandur II vehicles. The final assembly will be carried out in Indonesia by Pindad. They will be armed with a UT30MK2 unmanned turret of Ares, the Brazilian branch of Israel's Elbit Systems.