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The DM11 tank ammunition is designed for use with the L44 smoothbore gun, which is used on the Leopard 2A4 tanks bought by Indonesia in 2012. Indonesian state-owned weapons factory PT Pindad manufactures Rheinmetall munitions under a license agreement negotiated in 2014.

Rheinmetall's sales pitch for DM11 tank ammunition says they designed these weapons 

for engaging non-armoured and lightly armoured targets such as vehicles, antitank positions (whether dug-in or in the open), and field fortifications. Furthermore, thanks to its high precision and maximum effective range of up to five kilometres, it can be used for penetrating barriers and engaging targets taking cover behind walls, etc., as well as for breeching enemy defences and creating avenues of approach for friendly forces in built-up areas

A 'target taking cover' is a human being.