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FZ68 rocket motor


The FZ68 rocket motor is part of a rocket system designed to be fired from a helicopter and has a range of 7700m. The FZ68 can be used with a range of warheads such as the FZ71 "high explosive general purpose", FZ319 "high explosive armour piercing" and FZ149 "multidart".


Child in the village of Ogimba holding a Belgian FZ Thales rocket, January 2020

Several photos posted on social media in January 2020 show unexploded parts of FZ68 rockets in the West Papua highlands. Between January and March of 2020 a series of helicopter attacks bombarded villages in the Intanjaya region, using Belgian made FZ Thales rockets. It is not known which warhead was used during these attacks. The rockets caused damage to housing, farms and churches. While no human casualties were reported, the terror caused by aerial bombardment cannot be underestimated. 

Thales_FZ68.pngFZ Thales rocket motor photographed in Intanjaya March 2020