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Hercules Transports


C-130H Aircraft

In the 2010s the Indonesian Airforce or TNI-AU received nine Lockheed Martin C-130Hs from Australia, formerly used by the Royal Australian Airforce. Australia gifted four C130s, or Hercules, to Indonesia and sold five at discounted prices.

Lockheed Martin's website declares that “For many years the Lockheed Hercules has served as the backbone of the TNI-AU’s transport fleet, with the service arm having operated 39 different aircraft.” 

In 2013 Australia donated four Lockheed Martin C-130H Hercules transport aircraft to Indonesia. In April 2013 Australia agreed to sell a further five of the aircraft on a discounted basis. These aircraft have been used to transport troops into the highlands, for instance into Intan Jaya in September 2020, areas where frequent human rights abuses by TNI and POLRI are reported.

Lockheed_Martin_Hercules_C-130s_deliver_troops_to_W_Papua_Feb_21_TNI_AU_and_AD_AUS.jpgLockheed Martin C130s or Hercules, gifted by Australia, load troops in the West Papuan highlands in February 2021