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The French government, via Nexter, sold 20 of these weapons to the Indonesian Marine Corps, TNI AL.  Nexter hopes to sell more of these to Indonesia. The key selling points are that it is ‘combat proven’ and that the cannon is light enough to be carried by sling with a medium sized helicopter such as the Bell 202 or Caracal. The infantery, or TNI AD, is rumoured to be seeking the LG5 weapon also.

An Indonesian military fan page raves:

The LG-1 MK II consists of a 3.17 meter long barrel with a weight of 100 Kg with a right-hand rotation which is capable of firing 12 rounds per minute. This cannon can hit targets within a distance of 11.5 kilometers using standard HE (High Explosive) M1 type projectiles. If you use the standard Giat HE BB type projectile, this weapon can hit targets as far as 17.5 kilometers. Meanwhile, the minimum shooting distance is 1.4 kilometers. The destructive power caused by the LG-1 MKII projectile is capable of smothering an area of ​​200 square meters. The time it takes the crew to prepare this weapon in a ready-to-fire condition is only 30 seconds.