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Scorpion 90

The Alvis Scorpion is often used as a reconnaissance vehicle or light tank. It is no longer  manufactured, but appears to still be in use by the Indonesian military. Information supplied by the UK government to the UNROCA database indicates that nine Scorpion’s were exported to Indonesia in 1996, and some media speculates that Indonesia has 90 Scorpions. The 1996 deal was highly politicised, with John Major - the British prime minister at the time - wading in, and a trade minister claiming he gave the deal his "blessing because the company claimed it would not survive otherwise", and the UK government wanted to maintain more than one British armoured vehicle manufacturer. The deal was considered a litmus test when the New Labour party took control of government, promising "an ethical foreign policy". The tanks were used to crush a rebellion in Aceh.

The Scorpion 90 is armed with a Cockerill MK3 M-A1 90mm cannon. Scorpion vehicles have been pictured as part of a parade in 2014.