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Water Cannons



Daeji P&I produces a wide assortment of water cannons, from the DWC6500 (with a 6500 litre water tank) to the DWC15000 “mammoth”. The company claims to have sold over 2700 water cannons to 20 countries, including countries with concerning human rights records such as Vietnam, Bangladesh, China, Cambodia, Myanmar and Algeria. In 2010 media reports in Korea reported that Daeji P&I delivered 70 water cannons to the Indonesian National Police Agency, after receiving the $16m contract in 2007. The company’s website lists deliveries of water cannons to Indonesia in 2017, 2016, 2013 and 2012.

These water cannons can be armed with foam, dye sprays (used to mark protesters to make identification easier later) and water laced with tear gas. Daeji P&I’s promotional material claims the DWC15000 will make “the protester [feel] threatened and tremble with fear”. The water cannon is used by both BriMob and the Sabhara Unit, for “anti-riot” duties.