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Apache Aviator Integrated Helmet


Apache Aviator Integrated Helmet or AAIH*

In 2015 the Indonesian Air Force purchased 300 ‘AAIH’ from Elbit Systems America for $13.2 million USD. The 'Apache' Aviator Integrated Helmet is a key component of the AH-64E's Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS)-21 system for Boeing's 'Apache' Guardian attack helicopter. Essentially it enables helicopter crews to slave on-board guns and missiles to the helmet. Crews aim weapons simply by looking at targets


Indonesia Commander in Chief of the Armed forces with the Air Force commander, trying out the new Elbit helmets.


* We regret the appropriation of so many Indigenous names by weapons companies. This is one of many ways in which weapons corporations display a total lack of respect for First Nations peoples, cultures and lands.