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elbit_guy.pngElbit President Bezhalel Machlis

In 2018 Elbit made $3.6 billion USD from weapons sales, with $9.4 billion worth of weapons on back order. By 2019 arms revenue had jumped to $4 billion USD. Elbit markets its weapons as ‘battle proven’. The main ‘proving’ ground for Elbit’s weapons is Palestine. 

Elbit is a major Israeli weapons manufacturer supplying the Israeli Defence Force, with subsidiaries in the US, Australia and Brazil. Elbit’s drones patrol the wall around Palestine and the US-Mexico border. Elbit manufactures virtually every kind of weapon there is, including cannons capable of firing cluster bombs and white phosphorous munitions, used in Israeli attacks on Gaza.

Elbit Systems Ltd. 

Advanced Technology Center

P.O.B. 539, Haifa 3100401, Israel

Tel: +972 77 294 0000

[email protected]




Elbit_UT30MK2_TNI-AD_Israel.jpgElbit UT30MK2 unmanned turret

This configurable unmanned turret allows the attacker to sit safely inside the armoured vehicle and shoot at 'soft targets' aka human beings via video screen. Elbit has sold this weapon to the Indonesian infantry or TNI-AD.

Apache Aviator Integrated Helmet


Apache Aviator Integrated Helmet or AAIH*

In 2015 the Indonesian Air Force purchased 300 ‘AAIH’ from Elbit Systems America for $13.2 million USD. The 'Apache' Aviator Integrated Helmet is a key component of the AH-64E's Integrated Helmet and Display Sight System (IHADSS)-21 system for Boeing's 'Apache' Guardian attack helicopter. Essentially it enables helicopter crews to slave on-board guns and missiles to the helmet. Crews aim weapons simply by looking at targets


Indonesia Commander in Chief of the Armed forces with the Air Force commander, trying out the new Elbit helmets.


* We regret the appropriation of so many Indigenous names by weapons companies. This is one of many ways in which weapons corporations display a total lack of respect for First Nations peoples, cultures and lands.



The CEO of Australian company EOS CEO Ben Greene with then Defense Minister Christopher Pyne, launching the EOS-Elbit T2000 ‘turret with the works’ in 2019.

This was a proud collaboration between Australian company EOS and Elbit Systems Australia. The ‘turret with the works’ has since been sold to Indonesia, for use on Czech Pandur tanks. CEO Ben Greene promotes the T2000 as supporting a wide range of ‘lethality solutions’ and having ‘unprecedented firepower’.

Cardom Mekatronik


Ares-Elbit Mekatroic Mortar

The Cardom Mekatronic Mortar features ‘forward observer (FO) target acquisition sensors’ that can fire 16 mortars per minute with a range of up to 7km.Elbit's Brazilian subsidiary, Ares, makes and sells this weapon to TNI's Mechanics Battalions.