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ARIS srl
Strada Cascina Bertola, 10
10040 Lombardore (Torino)
Tel:  +39 0119956150
Fax: +39 0119956205

Aris is an Italian company formed in 1946, with facilities now based in Lombardore, a short drive from the Turin International Airport, in northern Italy. The company focuses on the production of a range of vehicles for both civilian and military use (though the company's website claims that their primary customer is the Italian military.)


M113 Arisgators


In 2020, Indonesian press confirmed the purchase of five fully amphibious M113 Arisgators. According to the Aris website, the vehicle "can safely navigate in open sea, even in considerable rough conditions, keeping the same performances on ground as the original M113 vehicle. It is highly manoeuvrable in navigation, can spin around its vertical axis, shows a very low profile above water and can be easily launched, recovered and stored by LPD vessels."