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Sam Shallenberger, President of Barrett firearms


5926 Miller Ln, Christiana, TN 37037, United States

Phone: 615-896-2938
Fax: 615-896-7313

Barrett is a small arms manufacturer that supplies sniper rifles to "dozens" of countries. Their first major contract for the US defense forces was in the mid-eighties for the M82 - a semi-automatic sniper rifle. It was widely deployed in the first gulf war. They have since introduced more updated models, and in 2021 they secured a contract to provide sniper rifles to the US Army for $50 million (USD).


MRAD Sniper Rifle



BRIMOB members have been photographed carrying the Barrett MRAD (Multi-role Adaptive Design) sniper rifle here. BRIMOB snipers have shot at civilians in West Papua on several occasions, sometimes fatally. While it is not possible to tell exactly which sniper rifles were used during each attack, it is highly likely that Barrett weapons have killed people in West Papua.