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SNT Motiv

CEO: Kim Hyung Chul

HQ: 363, Yeoraksongjeong-ro, Cheolma-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea 

Tel +82-51-509-2114 

SNT Motiv was found as Daewoo Precision Industries in 1981 as a subsidiary of Daewoo to manufacture small arms. The company was taken over by S&T Holdings in 2006 and renamed S&T Daewoo. The company expanded its firearms manufacturing significantly, and established branches in China, India and Poland in 2007-2008. Renamed as S&T Motiv in 2012, the company is a major supplier to the ROKA (Korean Armed Forces) and exports several pistols, rifles, machine guns and artillery to TNI. S&T Motiv changed its name to SNT Motiv in 2021.



K2 Assault Rifle

The K2 was developed by the South Korean Agency for Defense Development and is manufactured by S&T Motiv and Dasan Machineries (since 2016). Between 2006 and 2018 Indonesia purchased 806 K2 rifles.

K5 pistol
K3 light machine gun

The K3 light machine gun remembers the FN Minimi and fires a standard 5.56×45mm NATO round. Between 2006 and 2018 Indonesia bought 110 K3s.