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Yuan Jie, President of CASIC

The China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation Limited (CASIC) is a Chinese state-owned enterprise that designs, develops and manufactures a range of spacecraft, launch vehicles, strategic and tactical missile systems, and ground equipment. Founded as a branch of the Chinese Ministry of Defence in 1956, CASIC is the biggest missile weapon system enterprise in China. It is known for developing, researching and manufacturing air defense missile systems, cruise missile systems, solid-propellant rockets, space technological products and other technologies with products covering various fields of land, sea, air, and electromagnetic spectrum. CASIC was ranked 11th among the world's richest arms dealers in 2021 with a weapons revenue of $12 billion according to defense news. 

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C802 Missiles

Corvette_C28A.jpgC802 missile fired at sea, image by Hakim Djebbour

The C-802 is a subsonic anti-ship crusie missile with a range of 120 km with 190kg of 'high-explosive fragmentation' capacity.

In 2010 Indonesia offered the joint production of missiles, other weapons, and non-military hardware with China. Indonesia's Defense Minister at the time, Purnomo Yusgiantoro, said that the Indonesian navy and air force had been using Chinese made C-802 missiles for a long time and "the need for this missile was increasing". This 'need' was identified even though Indonesia has not been at war with any other nation since the 1960s - unless we count East Timor, Aceh, Maluku and West Papua.


C802 missile

C705 missiles


Indonesian navy has purchased several types of missiles from China, including CASIC's C705. The missiles infamously failed to launch when tested during the 'Armada Jaya' naval exercises in September 2016. 


One of Indonesia's KCR-40 attack craft, the KRI Clurit, was unable to fire the C705 missile.