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Heckler and Koch


HK_Dr_Jens_Bodo_Koch.jpgDr Jens Bodo Koch


Revenue € 239.417 million (2019)
Operating income € 20.910 million (2019)
Net income € 1.604 million (2019)

Heckler and Koch changed their policy in 2017 to exclude sales to Indonesia, along with a number of other former client nations where corruption and human rights violations are high. However, a large number of weapons were exported before this policy change and are regularly used by police and military units in Indonesia.

The policy change can be attributed to concerted activism, including blockades, aimed at the company. Peace group Aktion Aufschrei – Stoppt den Waffenhandel! (Action Outcry – Stop the Arms Trade) maintains that a person is killed by a Heckler and Koch bullet every 13 minutes. At an Annual General Meeting in 2017, activist shareholders were amazed to discover the company had decided not to sell arms into warzones or to countries that violate corruption and democracy standards, with Indonesia among the countries named as 'no sell' states. 

Heckler & Koch-Str. 1 | 78727 Oberndorf a.N. Germany




The G3 is listed on the SALW guide on Small Arms and Light Weapons as being present in Indonesia, and was the standard issue rifle for the Indonesian Air Force. The specialised rifle has also been used by Kostrad. This weapon was widely seen in East Timor during Indonesia's 24 year occupation. It has been reported that the G3 is no longer used in operations.

G36k assault rifle



Media reports confirm that Indonesian security or military personnel are in possession of H&K G36k assault rifles. TNI units carrying HK G36 weapons in West Papua include Yonif Raider and Kostrad battalions.

HKG36_Kopassus_Germany.jpgKopassus troops with HK G36 guns


Denjaka special forces with HK36 weapons were deployed to West Papua in May 2021




The HK33 is listed on the SALW guide on Small Arms and Light Weapons as being present in Indonesia. The weapons were sold to Indonesia's armed forces over decades until Heckler and Koch changed their policy in 2017.



HK_416_TNI.pngThe HK416 is used by Indonesian Special Forces, such as Kopaska.

HK_416_-_Germany.jpgKopaska soldier with HK416 in West Papua


MP5 submachine gun



Media reports confirm that Detachment-88 are armed with MP5 submachine guns. The weapon is also listed on the SALW guide on Small Arms and Light Weapons as being present in Indonesia, and members of Detachment-88 have been photographed carrying weapons that appear to be MP5 weapons in training.


A TNI soldier with an HK MP5 machine gun




The G28 is a semi automatic sniper rifle. Despite the Heckler and Koch ban on sales to conflict zones, including Indonesia, an article published in 2020 hails the G28 as the 'newest rifle' of Indonesia's special forces. 


'Elite' soldier with an HK G28 in 2020



TNI training with HK G28