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SIG Sauer



Ron Cohen, Sig Sauer CEO

SIG Sauer is a brand name used by several sister companies based in Germany, Switzerland and the USA, all owned by the German holding company L&O Holding. Between them the companies manufacturer a wide-range of different small arms, including pistols, assault rifles and submachine guns, as well as a wide range of accessories and equipment such as silencers, sights and mounts. Sig Sauer weapons have been positively identified in West Papua, used by Intel, Kopassus, Yonif and Denjaka forces among others.

In 2019, CEOs at the company received heavy fines and suspended prison sentences following their involvement in illegal shipments of 38,000 pistols to Colombia. The US branch of the company was unable to fulfil the order and turned to the German company for help, despite the fact this would mean breaking Germany’s strict licensing laws.

Both Sig Sauer, Inc. and Sig Sauer, GmbH are owned by the same holding company, L&O Holdings. L&O also owns Swiss Arms AG, which continues to produce “Sig” rifles, the Sig 550-series of rifles that were originally designed by SIG AG.Sig Sauer weapons are now manufactured by the German branch, based at Newington, New Hampshire, United States. Almost 500 000 thousand guns are manufactured at this weapons factory. Company revenue company is $500 million per year. The American CEO, Ron Cohen, receives an annual salary of $1.5 million.


SIG SG550 assault rifle



The SIG SG550 is an assault rifle with a number of variations. It is listed on the SALW guide as being present in Indonesia, with some sources indicating it is used by special forces groups such as Kopassus and Kopaska.




Sig Sauer MPX submachine gun

The Sig Sauer MPX is a 9x19mm submachine gun introduced in 2015. Indonesian media sources indicate that this weapon is in use by Detachment-88 BriMob and TNI special forces Kopassus and Kopaska.


Member of Taskforce Nemangkawi with Sig Sauer MPX, in West Papua in 2021




This assault rifle is used by BRIMOB.




The P226 and P228 are variations of the same handgun, used by Indonesian special forces groups such as KOPASSUS and KOPASKA. The United State’s 2008 report to the UN’s Register of Conventional Arms lists 326 Sig Sauer P226 pistols which were originally from the Swiss Sig Sauer branch before being shipped to Indonesia.