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MBDA Eric Beranger

 CEO Eric Beranger with models of some of MBDA's missiles.

HQ: 1 ave Réaumur
92350 Le Plessis Robinson
+33 1 71 54 10 00


MBDA is a major consortium, based in France, specialising in missile manufacture. The company is jointly owned by Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo. The company generates around 4 billion Euro per annum.


Mistral missile

Mistral missile

Air defence unit of TNI-AD operating the MBDA Mistral missile. In 2006 MBDA signed an MOUI with Indonesian weapons manufacturer PT Pindad to evaluate the Mistral Atlas for use on Pindad vehicles. MBDA's press release related that " MBDA’s MISTRAL ATLAS has been designed to offer mobility, flexibility, high fire-power and autonomy to MISTRAL Air Defence units. Atlas is a twin-launcher, fitted with two ready-to-fire missiles and can be installed on a wide range of vehicles. It takes less than five seconds to make the system operational and two missiles can be fired in less than five seconds." A TNI purchase was signed off in 2008, at a sale price of 60 million Euros, which included the Mistral Atlas and MBDA's Exocet guided missile.



The exocet heavy duty guided missiles have been in use by the Indonesian navy, or TNI AL, since 2013. Two purchases of the weapon were made, the first for 60 million Euro in 2008, the second for 70 million Euro in 2011.  These deals between TNI and MBDA included both the exocet and the mistral missiles.