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Thales CEO Patrice Caine

Thales HQ: Tour Carpe Diem, 31 Place des Corolles - CS 20001, 92098 Paris La Defense Cedex

+33 (0) 1 57 77 80 00

Thales defence revenue in 2019 was $9.251 billion, making the French defense giant the 8th largest defence contractor in the world at the time. Thales has with branches operating in 37 nations.

Thales has numerous lucrative contracts with the Indonesian military establishment, especially in naval and air attack systems. Thales has been the 'appointed supplier' of combat systems for all warships in service with the Indonesian Navy for 40 years. Thales also supplies surveillance radars, missiles, 'mobile weapon systems' and 'Lightweight Multiple Launchers' to the the navy and airforce.

Thales' Australian branch has exported weaponised vehicles, the Bushmasters, for use by Kopassus, and in 2016 signed a contract with Indonesian weapons manufacturer PT Pindad to develop an Indonesian-made version of the weapon, known as the Sanca. 

Thales weapons have been positively identified in West Papua. In particular, a number of Thales missiles were discovered in mountain villages after helicopter raids on the region in 2020.



Ogimba, West Papua, January 2020

Several West Papuan villages were subjected to bombardment with FZ68 rockets during helicopter raids during January, February and March 2020. The child pictured is in the village of Ogimba, and is holding an unexploded Thales 'rocket'.

These weapons are manufactured by Thales Belgium SA, formerly Forges de Zeebrugge - FZ, a 100% affiliate of the French multinational Thales Group.  Thales Belgium claim to be world leaders in the field of 70mm air-to-ground rocket systems.

Banti, West Papua, 18-20 March 2020

Wreckage of Thales FZ68 rockets was recovered after helicopter attacks on the village of Banti, West Papua, 18-20 March 2020.

Force Shield Air Defence


Thales sold their Force Shield Air Defence System to Indonesia's Ministry of Defence in 2014. The VAMTAC weaponised vehicles pictured are Spanish-made, by the company URO, however Thales was the prime contractor in the deal, due to the vehicles being fitted with Thales Rapid Ranger launcher and Starstreak air defence missiles. Pictureded below are the VAMTAC with the Thales missile launcher on display at an arms fair, and the delivery of 20 of the weapons by Thales to the Indonesian Defence Force in 2016.