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Tactical Missiles Corporation

Boris Obnosov, CEO of Tactical Missiles Corporation

General Director Boris Obnosov

141080, Moscow region, Korolev, Ilyicha str., 7
Tel +7 (495) 542-57-09
[email protected]

АО «Корпорация Тактическое Ракетное Вооружение» (


Tactical Missiles Corporation was established by Presidential Decree in 2002 and gradually absorbed dozens of defence technology and space warfare companies. In 2020, Defense News ranked Tactical Missiles Corporation 35th in the top 100 of weapons dealers and assessed the company’s 2019 revenue at $3.475 billion. The corporation’s strategic targets, as described on its website, are the “keeping and developing of missilery’s research and production capacity, supplying national defence capability, resource mobilization needed for highly effective guided missiles and air-based, ground-based, sea-based weapon systems production, also in strengthening military positions of Russia in world armament markets.


Air-to-Air Guided Missile R-73/AA-11

TNI AU received 75 of these in 2010. They are designed for MiG and Sukhoi aircraft.


R-73 Missile

Air-to-Air Guided Missile RVV-AE

Indonesia bought 60 of these in 2012-13. The air-to-air guided missiles are designed to be attached to the Russian fighter aircraft made by Sukhoi and MiG. The RVV-AE is Russia’s first purpose built ‘fire and forget’ missile. The missile is marketed as an air-to-air ‘beyond visual range’ weapon and is widely deployed in conflicts in Africa and the Arab world. 


RVV-AE Missile


Kh-29 missile

TNI AU bought ten of these in 2012. The Kh-29 ‘air-to-surface’ missile travels at 1100km an hour and features a ‘TV guidance’ system. Like the RVV AE, this is a ‘fire and forget’ bomb. 

Kh-31 missile

The Kh-31 is a medium range air-to-surface missile. Ten of these were purchased by TNI-AU in 2012. The Kh-31 and Kh-29 are both intended for Russian Sukhoi jets and can be mounted simultaneously for different destruction purposes.


Russian white Kh-29 and grey Kh-31 missiles

Kh-59 missile

The Kh-59 is an air to sea missile, intended for destroying ships. Ten of these were purchased by TNI AU at the same time as the Kh-29 and Kh-31 missiles. 


Kh 59 missile


The Yakhont is a ‘supersonic land attack cruise missile’, that can be fired from the air, land or at sea. This ‘fire and forget’ weapon was purchased for TNI-AL in 2011. It has a range of 300 kilometres.



Yakhont Missile from Tactical Missiles Corporation