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Accuracy International

Accuracy International is a British company, established in 1978, and specialises in the production of precision sniper rifles and accessories. Between 2009 and 2015 the UK government granted Accuracy International a number of export licenses for export to Indonesia, covering “Rifles and combination guns, handguns, machine, sub-machine and volley guns” (ML1a), related ammunition (ML3a) and accessories (ML1d), “technology required for the development, production, operation, installation, maintenance, repair, overhaul or refurbishing of goods” (ML22a).


Arctic Warfare Magnum sniper rifle


Accuracy International weapons are known to be used by the Indonesian forces involved in the “Damai Cartenz” operation in West Papua. Reporting by Rory James in 2023 identifies a series of posts on Instagram by Indonesian soldiers holding AI weapons have tagged conflict hotspots in the central highlands of West Papua. A post on the official Instagram accounts for the Yonif Raiders – an Indonesian unit notorious for human rights abuses – states that members of the unit are being trained with AI weapons, including practising “techniques for executing targets”.

Koppasus and Kopaska are understood to be armed with the Accuracy International “Arctic Warfare” sniper rifle. In 2018 Accuracy International shared a photo on its Twitter profile of an Indonesian sniper training with an AI AX308, a variant of the Arctic Warfare: 

Indonesian soldiers have been photographed trainined with US forces in 2013 with an AI Arctic Warfare sniper rifle. Note AI logo on scope:

In 2008, Indonesia reported the import of 48 “AW Sniper Rifles” to the UN’s Register of Conventional Arms (UNROCA).