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Rheinmetall Defence Australia



Rheinmetall CEO Gary Stewart (centre) with then Foreign Affairs and Defence Ministers Payne and Pyne

Pictured here, Rheinmetall Australia CEO Gary Stewart looks delighted to receive $5 billion in taxpayer money to build weaponized vehicles for the ADF. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, at the launch of the MILVEHCOE (Military Vehicle Centre of Excellence) in Redbank, Qld, 2021 declared “I loved what you had to say, Gary, about our defence industry, our defence purchasing and procurement here in Australia. We're going from importer to exporter. That's a full 180-degree turnaround.” Australian governments at state and federal level are enthusiastically giving public money to weapons corporations like Rheinmetall to bump up arms exports. While politicians claim the $5 billion investment is 'about jobs', Rheinmetall's MILVEHCOE facility expects to employ only 450 people at best.


Rheinmetall is Germany's largest arms manufacturer and is one of eight ‘primes’ which have special Global Supply Chain Program status. Under this program it is responsible for assisting Australian companies to enter the global export “supply chain” for weapons corporations. In Germany, Rheinmetall's home nation, Rheinmetall Entwaffnen is organising a sustained campaign against the company. To see the weapons Rheinmetall has exported to Indonesia head here.

Rheinmetall facilities in Australia

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicle Australia Pty Ltd

Brisbane Office

223 Viking Drive Wacol, QLD 4076
PO Box 289, Carole Park 4300

Rheinmetall Defence Australia

Redbank Office (Headquarters)

111 Robert Smith Street

Redbank, QLD 4301

+61 7 3436 2700

Rheinmetall NIOA Munitions

Maryborough Office

232-244 Adelaide Street

Maryborough QLD 4650

+61 7 4121 4970

Rheinmetall Defence Australia

Canberra Office

Level 3, 65 Canberra Avenue

Griffith, ACT 2603

+61 2 6249 5600

[email protected]